Windows with Smart Glass for a Greener Society

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These days, just about everything we own has been transformed and evolved into a “smart” variation. There are smart TVs, smart homes, and even smart fridges, so it makes sense that our household windows are the next thing to get the smart treatment. Smart windows are relatively new on the scene. But what they offer for the home trying to be more energy efficient is exciting. Whether you’re building a new home or hoping to retrofit yours with technology and features that reduce your reliance on unsustainable resources, they could be a good choice for you.

At its most basic, a smart window is one that could both insulate and block sunlight, and it does so at different times, allowing you to never worry about curtains or shades again. The purpose of the smart window is to autonomously control how much light, heat, and privacy your home receives, and like other smart technologies, they could also be controlled by the user. The smart window still has some way to go before it’s as efficient as its developers hoped, but it’s capable of making real change in the average household that had them installed.

The glass used for these windows has light transmission properties that are changed with either electricity, heat, or light, depending on the type of glass used. These windows are used for a range of applications, and not just at home, including large-scale industries and even hospitals. Electrochromic glass is the major common type of smart glass and it comes in different varieties. Some of them go dark, others become mirror-like, and others become translucent, and the way they do this depends on the type. A smart glass window could be powered by electricity or rechargeable batteries, with each of them offering its pros and cons. (1) Smart Glass Windows might have a promising future, with the potential to transform our buildings for many years to come! This incredible idea might spark your interest!

There is just no matching this technology on style. Smart Glass offers an incredible privacy solution that looks the part pretty much anywhere it’s installed. This is due to the very nature of this product; Smart Glass is inherently a glass-based product, meaning that when it is switched on, it offers crystal clear clarity on the surface it has been applied to. In most applications where there is glass, Smart Glass blends extremely well into the environment. Even when the product is switched off, the glass reverts to a frosted state, ensuring that it looks the part anywhere that glass or frosted glass might be specified.

However, taking the glass on its appearance alone rather than its functionality only tells half the story as this controllable privacy solution offers so much more than just an optical style choice. The functionality of being able to change its state from frosted to clear in an instant is an amazing style factor, looking great both in hi-tech and traditional environments alike. The beatify of this is found in the dichotomy of its discretion and its discernibility, which all comes down to how it is installed. For example, Churches often specify Switchable Smart Glass as an effective simulated screen because of its discretion. This screen could disappear before the eyes of a congregation by switching to clear, allowing the focus to go back to where it is required without detracting too much from the religious ceremony after very effectively serving its purpose. However, in a more hi-tech environment that might wish to focus on the technological aspect of this screen to impress, it offers an ideal way to wow visitors with a practical and efficient simulated screen that enforces the sector’s brand message, be that dedication to technology, an emphasis on the importance of the meeting or even a general message of credibility. It’s safe to say that whatever the style it needs to achieve or improve, Smart Glass offers a solution for most environments. (2) Comfort might be provided by smart glass windows! Keep a watch on these additional sectors, as they might be able to provide low-cost smart glass solutions that could be used in transportation, residential housing, and commercial buildings! In this article, we’ll explain why.

Even more impressive is the various glass options that Intelligent Glass could offer by manufacturing Smart Glass technology onto a wide range of different types of glass, that on their own serve other functions, such as Sound Insulating glass, Fire Resistant glass or even Coloured glass, for the more style-conscious customer. In recent years, Intelligent Glass even have extended this range of specialist products to include Curved Smart Glass and, for grander ventures that require it, enormous Smart Glass panels that go up to 1800 x 4000mm in size. Continue reading to extend your knowledge. Check the disclaimer on my profile and landing page.

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